Poland is the third-largest manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe (after the Czech Republic and Slovakia). It is also the regional leader in the manufacturing of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) as well as heavy trucks, buses and coaches. Poland accounts for 2.5% of the European automotive manufacturing industry value, according to research firm MarketLine.

The automotive sector, which includes both manufacturing and trade/repair, accounts for 12% of Poland's GDP (calculated according to 2012 data). There are around 150,000 people working in the automotive manufacturing industry and another 400,000 employed in automotive trade and services. After declines in the 2010-2013 period, their numbers are expected to increase again in coming years.

Poland specialises in car parts manufacturing (in H1 2013, automobile production totalled PLN 22.83 billion, or EUR 5.46 billion, while parts and accessories output - PLN 30.05 billion, or EUR 7.18 billion) and its specialty are engines (GM just announced a plan to invest EUR 250 million in a new diesel engine facility). Indeed, it is the second largest car parts and accessories producer in CEE. From the total of 40 automobile and engine plants located in CEE, 16 operate in Poland.

Top Polish Automotive importers were: Germany (EUR 5.6 billion, 28.6% of Poland’s total Automotive export), followed by Italy (EUR 2.5 billion, 12.9%), United Kingdom (EUR 1.7 billion, 8.7%), France (EUR 1.3 billion, 6.6%) and Spain (EUR 1.1 billion, 5.4%).





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