Food sector

Over the last 20 years, the Polish food sector has undergone significant transformation. It was one of the industries that were reborn soon after the crisis related to the political transformation, becoming the important stimulator of economic growth. Thanks to constant technical development, technological and organizational sector Poland came to the forefront of modern and innovative European food producers. The result is, among others, Polish remarkably successful export businesses.

  • The food sector is responsible for 18% of sold production of industry in Poland
  • Poland is the eighth of the state's food exporter EU
  • The sector has successfully weathered the economic crisis and recorded optimistic forecasts
  • Development
  • Poland has a large potential for the production of organic food.
  • Further developmentof the sector is possible, among others, by creating brand of Polish food in foreign markets.
  • Main partners of polish agri-food product (export value in EUR billion, 2012)

Up to 77% of the value of foreign sales of food products went to the markets of the European Union. The biggest recipient of Polish food among the state's EU are Germany (the value of exports 3.8 billion), a second place was the United Kingdom (EUR 1.3 billion), was followed by the Czech Republic (1.1 billion), France (1 billion EUR), the Netherlands (958 million), Italy (868 million) and Slovakia (566 million).


Main partners of Polish agri-food products (export value in EUR billion, 2012)



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