• The meat industry is the largest sector of the food industry in Poland. This includes companies which process raw meat, ie. The slaughter of animals for slaughter, processing of by-products of slaughter, butchering the elements and wykrawaniemi?sa fine and the production of meat, offal and canned meat, fats, delicatessen products, ready meals of meat, including batching, slicing and pre-packaging.
  • Polish accession to the European Union and the inclusion in the Single Market has increased the European Parliament's commercial exchange of products of animal origin.
  • It is worth noting that the meat sector latter shall record relatively strong performance in foreign trade as compared to other sectors of the food industry in the current period of economic weakness of the business cycle.
  • Exports of meat and meat products in the Polish foreign trade dominate the wine pork and poultry (approx. 40 per cent.), While the share of beef is approx. 20 percent.
  • In 2010-2013, the volume of total exports increased by 33 per cent., Mainly due to the increase in the volume of exports pigmeat (an increase of 46 per cent. In the period) and poultry (up by 43 per cent. In the examined period of).


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