After the Polish accession to the EU clearly improved competitive position on the world market of apples and mushrooms.

In the years 2010-2012 Poland with the participation of 27.8% was the world's largest exporter of fresh mushrooms. In 2001-2003 the share of 9.7% dealt fourth place after the Netherlands, Ireland and China. In 2010-2012, higher than in those countries were Poland, all investigated indicators of competitiveness (outside the RCA indicator in Ireland).

Systematic and dynamic growth of export of Polish mushrooms that, at relatively low prices in the Polish export offer, the result of excellent quality mushrooms harvested manually and inherent in the crop (production year-round) performing rhythmic deliveries that are tailored to the structure and seasonality of demand markets. The abolition of customs barriers for exports to the EU, which is currently invested 80% of Polish exports, created a chance to win the competition in this market with the Netherlands (both in terms of price and quality).

The participation of almost all vegetables produced in Poland in world exports did not exceed 1%. This indicator was higher only in relation to the onions, but showed a systematic downward trend - from 2% in 2001-2003 to 1.6% in 2010-2012. The decrease in the importance of Polish onions in world exports was due to a very large extent conditioned steps the outside, ie. An increase in relatively low-cost supplies on the world market from non-European countries, mainly from India, Mexico, China and Egypt. The drop in exports led to a fall, still the highest in comparison with other vegetables, the indicator of export orientation on the market onions and growth of 9 to 14% calculated on the volume of import penetration ratio.


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