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  • In addition to the courage of the Polish companies to boost overseas markets, the source scale export of Polish cosmetics is their prime quality. Many cosmetics for its excellent research base, also in the area of pharmacy, arises from start to finish in Poland.
  • Polish cosmetics industry
  • Strengths of the Polish cosmetics industry:
  • Tradition and many years of experience in the production of cosmetics
  • Quality of products at the highest level
  • Expanded production base and availability of skilled workforce
  • Developed scientific base and increasing investment in research and development
  • Many years of experience of Polish producers on international markets
  • Experience in contract manufacturing
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • The location in the center of Europe and membership in the European Union
  • Highly developed industries supporting the production of cosmetics

On the Polish market there are about 100 large and medium-sized and over 300 small and very small manufacturers of cosmetics. Despite strong competition from global brands, the position of local producers in Poland today is very strong, which is a unique phenomenon on the European scale. Suffice it to say that the Polish market of care cosmetics body and face belongs in 50% to Polish brands.



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